Where is Radio Headed?

“Radio remains at the core of consumers’ media consumption and digital continues to be an expansion opportunity for radio.”

Arbitron and Edison Research recently released their annual Navigating Digital Platforms report, and if you weren’t convinced before that online listening will continue trending upwards, you’ll want to take a close look at their findings.

 Nothing will replace the terrestrial broadcast, and radio will not die, but competition in the online space is growing and getting better at providing the end user with a polished product.    That being said weekly radio audiences are up 30% from last year at this time across all platforms: broadcast, video, mobile, social media, and online.  It is no longer about dominating one channel; stations need a comprehensive cross platform strategy to survive.

Demographics should play an important role in analyzing your digital strategy.  For the 12-34 year old age group, 68% say the Internet Is the most essential medium to their lives among TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Internet.  While only 33% in the 35+ group say the same.  Reaching these new listeners is crucial in the long term.

In 2011, 34% of the polled population listened to online radio and 39% for 2012 (an estimated 103 million people).  Compare these numbers to 2002, a mere 10 years ago when only 12% of the population listened to online radio.  Not only has the amount of listeners increased, the amount of time they listen in an average week has increased as well.  In 2008, it was 6:13, and in only 4 years, that has increased to 9 hours 46 minutes for 2012.  The numbers don’t lie, it’s all about how you react to them.

Where Are Your Listeners Coming From?

  • Terrestrial Radio: 68%
  • Web Streaming Radio: 18%
  • Mobile Streaming (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.): 13%

Click for the webinar or slides from the presentation.

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