What’s New At SurferNETWORK??

We’ve been hard at work to improve the streaming experience for stations and listeners alike.  Over the past few weeks we’ve rolled out several new features and enhancements to our service, and wanted to highlight a few of them for you today.  Some of these enhancements will keep you organized on the back-end, while others will make it easier for listeners to get your stream regardless of device!  Read on to find out more.

New Mobile Streaming Capabilities

The first round of improvements we’ve made were focused on the mobile listening experience.  It’s important to make it easy for the station and the listener to know all of their options when it comes to listening to a stream.  With that in mind we are happy to be able to roll out the following changes, which are available right now!


QR Codes on Desktop Player

Listeners can now easily download your app from the iOS and Android app stores, directly from the player, by hovering over the respective icon.


Easy Mobile Streaming

If listeners have visited your site from a mobile device and clicked the listen live link, they will now be presented with a link to download your streaming app, or a mobile enabled stream on the native apps you use on your phone depending on the device.  This feature requires an MP3 stream.


App Enrollment

You’ll now be able to submit changes and order apps directly from the Customer Control Panel!  No need to fax, or scan and email us a copy of your App Order form, just fill out the details and click to submit!

More enhancements are planned for mobile streaming, so stay tuned!

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