What’s New at SurferNETWORK?? pt. 2

Last week we featured enhancements to the mobile capabilities of your service.  Today I’d like to highlight a couple of other features that will make your life easier, and help your listeners explore your other stations.

Retooled Group Tuner

We’ve completely rebuilt how the group tuner works, in order to make it easier for the station to manage, while also giving listeners more information about your other stations and the music they are playing.

Available Options of the Group Tuner

  • Customize station description
  • List station genre
  • Displays station logo
  • Select which stations are displayed and order
  • Displays artist and title of songs playing on that station

Instagram Links

We’ve added the ability to link to your station’s Instagram account on the streaming player!

Additional Customer Control Panel Developments and Improvements

Can’t remember the ad files you’ve uploaded?  Now it’s easy to view a list of all the ad files for each of your stations in one place.

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