Utilizing OnDemand Streaming to Your Advantage

Live streaming is a great way to allow listeners access to your station at any time, and get a live feed just as they would in the market listening to your radio station.  But what if a listener is not available to listen to their favorite personality or show?  Listeners are increasingly accessing station archives to catch up on something they may have missed.  According to a recent study by Westwood One, Cumulus and Nielsen, OnDemand listeners skew 7 years younger than their average AM/FM counterpart and listen for twice the time!  What can you do to keep those listeners engaged?

OnDemand Streaming Skews 7 years younger

Give Your Listeners Options

Your listeners know what they want to hear, and they want to do it on their own time.  Are you giving them every opportunity to hear their favorite show?  OnDemand streaming is a great chance to do exactly that, without too much time or effort spent on your part.

Identify Your Most Popular Online Content

Knowing what content will be your most popular will go a long way in ensuring your OnDemand streaming is a success.  Identifying the specific opportunities to enhance the experience is crucial.  OnDemand streaming doesn’t have to be just audio.  Have a video camera?  Give listeners the chance to get in the studio and see what’s going on.

Promote Alternative Options for Listening to Your Station

Your listeners and viewers need to know they have options!  Promoting “Time Shifted Content” on the air and on social networks is a great way to keep everyone informed and tuning in.  Display files directly on your live streaming player, or break them out into their own streaming player for the ability to serve PreRoll advertising before the content starts playing.

Optimize Content for Best “Listenability”

Ensure the best experience by optimizing your OnDemand content.  Only choose the most popular parts of the show, or pull out spot breaks to give listeners an easy and unobtrusive way to experience your content.

Monetizing OnDemand Content

Allow your advertisers the opportunity to specifically sponsor your OnDemand efforts to monetize them exclusively.   There are many different ways to do this, whether it is a value add to a terrestrial ad buy, or a completely new line item.  OnDemand streaming provides a premium advertising opportunity with an engaged audience, something advertisers should be fighting over to attach their message to popular station content.

Whether it’s keeping up with the Jones’s or leading the innovation in your market, SurferNETWORK puts the tools in front of you to do the most with the internet, don’t settle for second best.

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