The Power of Real-Time Content

An article recently caught my eye in the Harvard Business Review’s daily e-mail that I thought would be great to share on our blog.  The title of the article was “The Power of Real-Time Advertising”; being in the business of helping radio stations maximize their online advertising, naturally I clicked through.  The discussion was about the Super Bowl, and how brands responded to the blackout early in the third quarter.  Reading on, I realized that the article was about Real-Time Content much more than advertising.

Ed Shultz of partner station WWRL in New York responds to the Super Bowl power outage

The article goes on to discuss how properly utilizing social media during a significant cultural event can be some of the best marketing a brand can get.  Radio has the capability, and has been delivering real time content in a similar fashion for a long time over the air.  Are you utilizing social media to augment their on-air reactions to significant cultural events – worldwide, national AND local?  Are you actively working to engage “followers” with interesting and relevant content?

WUFO in Buffalo sets up shop at the local IHOP on National Pancake Day and gives listeners a chance to meet station personalities.

The beauty of social media is that it allows you not only to interact with the people that are listening to your show or station in real-time, but that it also allows them to engage with followers who may not be able to tune in at the time.  More engagement today means more ratings tomorrow, and the more timely the content is, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

“We saw firsthand the power of tapping into big cultural moments when we celebrated Oreo’s 100th birthday in 2012. We produced 100 consecutive “Daily Twists,” spotlighting global cultural developments, as they happened, through an Oreo lens. Covering everything from LGBT Pride Month to the Mars Rover landing, we were able to join the global conversation with fresh content, and this timeliness nearly tripled the level of consumer engagement compared to the three months prior to the campaign.” – Harvard Business Review – The Power of Real-Time Advertising

It’s no secret that Social Media can easily be mismanaged, we read in the news everyday about another radio personality putting something out there for the world to see, only to end up regretting it later.  But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored.  Real-time content made the Radio Industry great before the Internet even existed.  Capitalizing on the reach and real-time capabilities of a well-timed and thought out piece of content will help both your station as well as you and your personalities take it to the next level, both over the air, and digitally.

I took to the web to try to find some of our partners who are really doing a good job at this. Here are a few more that I liked the best:

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