SurferNETWORK Celebrates 15th Anniversary, Gets U.S. Highway I-15 Renamed In Its Honor

SurferNETWORK, an Internet streaming vendor of broadcast radio, and innovator of multiple Internet technologies, is pleased to announce that petitions to several Western state Governors and Legislatures have been favorably received and accepted.

SurferNETWORK has been awarded more than a dozen patents for Internet and streaming technologies, and was therefore acknowledged by these states and Governors as an intellectual leader in this important field of technology.

According to SurferNETWORK founder and holder of numerous patents, Mr. Harry Emerson, “It is a tremendous honor to receive this recognition. Innovation, especially in Internet technologies is extremely important to this country, as these naming grants affirm.”

Company president, Mr. William Grywalski, said “The 15th is traditionally considered the Crystal Anniversary, but we didn’t really see a way to mix crystal with Interstate Highways, so we’re just going with the name designation”.

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