SurferNETWORK Awarded Patent for Streaming Media Buffering System

Fundamental Streaming Technology Enables “Instant-On” for Live Broadcasts

FLANDERS, N.J. — SurferNETWORK, a leader in Internet broadcast services in the United States and Canada, has been issued a U.S. Patent for its “Streaming Media Buffering System,” which it has trademarked as Lightning Stream™. The patented media buffering technology enables Instant-On capability for live broadcasts, and is the core technology underlying SurferNETWORK’s “JUST LIKE RADIO” experience for Internet broadcasts.“SurferNETWORK introduced ‘Instant-On’ as a cornerstone of our proprietary webcasting solution in 2000,” said Bill Grywalski, President and Co-Founder of SurferNETWORK. “SurferNETWORK was the first to introduce ‘Instant-On’ for live broadcasts from radio stations or similar real-time sources. Being granted a patent on this technology affirms our continuing leadership role in the streaming media industry.”

SurferNETWORK’s technology allows listeners to select a radio station, and the audio starts within about one second of station selection. As described in the patent, the server first builds up a buffer from the radio station, functioning much like a tape-delay. When a user connects, the server sends a torrent of stored-up audio packets to the player, enabling it to begin playing immediately and to build up a buffer in the player while the user listens.

If there are interruptions in the Internet connection to the player, the player continues to play from its buffer. If the Internet connection is restored before the buffer runs out, the server rebuilds the player’s buffer in the background. All the while the listener enjoys uninterrupted audio from the moment he or she “tuned-in” the station.


About the Patent

SurferNETWORK’s US patent # 6,766,376 describes SurferNETWORK’s unique method of enabling a “JUST LIKE RADIO” experience for an uninterrupted listening experience over an internet connection.  This patent covers:

  • One Second Tuning from Station to Station
  • No Pre-Buffering
  • No Drop-Outs


About SurferNETWORK

SurferNETWORK, which was founded is 1998, is a leading provider of Internet broadcasting services. Through its patented Lightning Stream™ technology, the company is able to provide a “JUST LIKE RADIO” experience with instant-on, rapid station tuning, and FM quality audio features to Internet broadcasters large and small.  For more information visit

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