SurferNETWORK and XAPPmedia Provide a Competitive Edge for Radio

SurferNETWORK LLC, an Internet Broadcasting and streaming pioneer, announced a partnership today with another pioneer in the digital audio space, XAPPmedia.  This partnership will allow SurferNETWORK clients the ability to easily activate voice utilization features and create custom skills to engage audiences on interactive voice platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.Alexa Skills from SurferNETWORK and XAPPmedia

Research by Gartner estimates that 75% of American homes will have a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home by 2020, with nearly 30% of all web browsing done without a screen.  This will be a massive change to the status quo, where in the past a screen was always required to browse the web and interact with content.  As smart speakers and voice activated technology continues to proliferate to the public, especially in the home and car, broadcasters must identify this huge opportunity and be ready for the listeners as they adopt it.

XAPPmedia will provide the skill development, from simple skills to play a station’s live stream; to skills that require custom development of features.  SurferNETWORK customers will still enjoy the fanatical 24/7 customer support they have come to expect from the streaming provider with nearly 20 years of experience in the radio and streaming industry.  Leveraging XAPPmedia’s relationships with the most popular voice platforms, the partnership also means fast turnaround on skill submission and approval.

“The voice assistant space is something we’ve had our eyes on for a while now, and it is an exciting new way for the radio industry to leverage the Internet, diversify their digital portfolio and reach their audience anywhere they are listening.  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants in the future will continue to grow in popularity as consumers get more and more connected to these products and technologies.   We are thrilled to partner with XAPPmedia to provide these exciting new opportunities to our Internet Broadcasters and their audience across the globe.”  Bill Grywalski, President, SurferNETWORK

“SurferNETWORK was one of the first companies to provide streaming services for radio, colleges, sports teams, independent artists and faith-based communities. It is also known for a broad feature set and fanatical customer service. That is the just the type of company that XAPPmedia likes to have as a partner. XAPPmedia is excited to provide SurferNETWORK with a robust voice interactive platform to integrate audio streaming services with leading voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That means SurferNETWORK’s customers will have the fastest onramp to Amazon Alexa and have access to a platform that has already been chosen by over 500 broadcasters and podcasters,” said Ryan Higbie, XAPPmedia Vice President of Sales.

About SurferNETWORK: SurferNETWORK provides comprehensive streaming solutions for a diverse customer base across the globe, powering the digital audio and video efforts in a variety of industries. Radio, Colleges & Universities, sports teams, the faith-based community, independent artists and labels, and hobbyists alike all utilize the SurferNETWORK platform to monetize and stream live and on-demand audio and video content. Learn more at

About XAPPmedia: XAPPmedia® is the leader in delivering interactive voice experiences for brands and media and is the first company to Give Brands a Voice™ enabling instant, voice-activated connections with consumers through voice assistants and mobile audio apps. XAPP’s software solutions are applied to voice experience development, distribution and management and to mobile content delivery and advertising. XAPPmedia was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. One Voice AI™ and Voice Radio™ are trademarks of XAPPmedia, Inc. Learn more at

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