SurferNETWORK Advances Cutting Edge Streaming Service

FLANDERS, N.J. — On-Line broadcasters seeking cutting-edge audience experience will benefit from SurferNETWORK’s Silverlight(TM) Platform

SurferNETWORK, a leading provider of streaming services, announced today the launch of its custom Silverlight solution. Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of rich interactive applications for the Web. “Silverlight has features that our customers and their audience will love,” said Bill Grywalski, President of SurferNETWORK. “Broadcasters will really appreciate that using Silverlight allows the media to pop like it is 3D.”Silverlight enables SurferNETWORK to extend its webcasting environment to work fluidly with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux, and supports a wide variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. It further extends the SurferNETWORK player’s already wide selection of monetization and branding options, including gateway advertising, banner rotation, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the player to match the theme of the audio and video content. The SurferNETWORK player allows the audience to experience both live and archived content.

“Our developments tracked the Silverlight pre-release versions. Once Silverlight had been formally released, we progressed through our final beta tests and have put Silverlight into production”, said Harry Emerson, founder of SurferNETWORK. “We wanted to thoroughly test Silverlight before our own release, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Silverlight is Microsoft’s Web 2.0 architectural solution to meld rich media capabilities with both Microsoft’s sophisticated ASP.NET software development environment, and with Microsoft’s Windows 2003 server environment. This unique combination greatly expands software and graphic arts developer capabilities; and creates anticipation of setting a new standard in user experiences on the web, in desktop applications, and in embedded systems like cell phones and PDA’s.

“Not only does Silverlight present a sophisticated user experience for our streaming customers and new capabilities for content owners, but we have been able to introduce this capability at no additional cost.” says Emerson.

SurferNETWORK makes streaming with Silverlight easy. That should not be a surprise coming from a company that created and patented the revolutionary Lightning Stream(TM) instant-on technology. SurferNETWORK’s new system uses ‘auto detect’ software that seamlessly presents the best experience to the online audience. “It’s much more complex than that,” says Emerson, “but suffice it to say that SurferNETWORK makes it look easy. SurferNETWORK continues to bring the leading edge of streaming technology to its customers.”


About SurferNETWORK

Since 1998 SurferNETWORK has been one of the leading providers of complete Internet broadcasting services. SurferNETWORK has always been recognized as a technology leader in providing every specialized feature a broadcaster might need. Serving radio stations, the faith-based community, sports teams, universities, and more, SurferNETWORK offers a high quality audio or video stream that connects instantly using patented Lightning Stream(TM) technology.

About Microsoft and Silverlight

For more information on Silverlight, please visit the Microsoft Silverlight website.


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