Streaming Expectations from the President of SurferNETWORK

Forecasters are calling for a cold winter ahead, but the signs of a warming economy in America are cause for optimism.  Recently, the unemployment rate took a slight tick down – potential good news.  With an election upon us, we see bold new ideas and the potential to accelerate economic development.  At minimum all of the election related activities, advertising campaigns and the associated dollars spent, will be a healthy boost to the economy.  Please allow me to reflect back on the past year and look ahead to what 2012 holds, and how it will support the Radio Industry.

SurferNETWORK in 2011
Despite challenges all companies in America are facing today, SurferNETWORK continues to invest in the future to improve our offerings, developing new features and services and providing a superior customer experience.  We’ve been extremely busy this year in many different areas, The Tech 5 Player allowed a new level of connection with your listeners.  We retooled our Customer Control Panel portal to make it easier to manage your stream.  The Digital Advertising Sales Training Program provides radio stations across the country strategies to help sell online ad inventory.  That’s just the beginning; we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars back into our business working towards our ultimate goal of providing radio stations with the best opportunity to succeed in the digital age.

Streaming Trends
As media consumption continues to grow on the web fueled by the rapid growth of smart phone and tablet use, radio stations must continue to provide quality content and innovative advertising opportunities.  From July to October there were 90 million US smart phone owners; up 10% from the previous 3 months1.    We should expect the mobile landscape to grow over 50% in the next 3 years to over 148 million people by 2015 (about 50% of the population)2 .  With this growth, advertisers and content providers are looking for innovative ways to reach consumers.  According to a study by Nielsen, 74% of consumers recalled a cross platform Auto Ad (TV+PC+Phone+Tablet), as compared to 50% who were only exposed to TV3.  Regardless of the platform; loyal consumers are connecting with brands in a completely new way.  If history is any indication, this will continue to evolve in the future.

What to Expect in 2012
It is SurferNETWORK’s vision to once again revolutionize the streaming industry.   Innovative, patent pending technologies and a real business model for our customer’s digital presentation will continue to drive this revolution.  Today, SurferNETWORK provides radio stations the opportunity to create cross-platform advertising campaigns and serve them to an engaged audience across the globe.  We take on the responsibility of giving our partners even more opportunities to define the future of Internet Broadcasting with engaging content delivery and advertising capabilities.

Please stay tuned for these new business opportunities as we roll out additional features and services in 2012.  If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of Internet Broadcasting, please let us know your thoughts.  To find out more, call us at (973) 691-7420. We remain alert to fresh ideas; feedback is the fuel for our innovation.

On behalf of myself and the SurferNETWORK team, Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season.  We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

1. ComScore US Mobile Subscriber Report, November 2011.
2. eMarketer US Smart phone Users and Penetration Report, December 2011.
3. NielsenWire: Nearly 75% of Consumers Remember an Ad When Viewed Across Media Platforms, September 2011.

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