Smartphone Market Report

ComScore released their December report on Mobile Devices recently, and as expected, the market continues to grow as more and more people upgrade to smartphones.  Read on for a breakdown of the numbers, and what it means for you and your station.There were 97.9 million smartphone owners (40% of all mobile phones) in the US in the 3 months ending in December 2011.  Google leads the platform war, with almost 50% of the market, with Apple in second at almost 30%.  RIM continues to lag behind, losing 3 points to fall to around 16% of the market.  Both Google and Apple are on the rise, gaining 2.5 and 2.2 points respectively.

47.6% of mobile users (Smartphone and Non Smartphone users) downloaded an app and 23.8% used their phone to listen to music.

Have you put any thought into your mobile strategy?  Are you positioning yourself to take advantage of the changing mobile landscape?  Now is the time to ramp up your mobile efforts!

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