RAIN Online Audio Advertising Summit Recap

Yesterday RAIN sponsored a conference in NYC to highlight trends in online audio content, platforms and listening, and then tied that with the value of advertising.  There was an excellent cross-section representation from the various and related fields of expertise and overall it turned out to be a valuable experience.  There were two specific highlights I want to mention.Rain Online Audio Summit
The Edison Research Group provided an excellent start to the program.  Nicole Beniamini shared audio / video interviews with people used in their research to extrapolate reporting data.  This was a case and point of why Edison is a recognized leader in this field.
The other highlight for me was the podcast segment.  The panel consisted of two podcasters and two ad buyers for online audio placement.  It was fascinating to hear the podcasters’ perspectives and the position they take regarding their sponsors.  Podcasters think of themselves as ‘endorsers’ of the product or service they represent.  Far beyond the traditional relationship between an advertiser and the platform or content.  And from the advertiser’s point of view, the podcaster, in many cases, is given the freedom to promote the product however they wish.  It just made sense to me, the advertising opportunity created by podcasting, will be the next major emerging digital platform to more effectively promote products and services.

Special thanks to the team at RAIN for putting the event together, and to Kurt Hanson for being an ambassador for the streaming industry for many years.

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