Radio Stations Are Finding Millennials On Social Media, Are You?

According to research by RTDNA/Hofstra University, and analysis from InsideRadio, many radio stations are trying new things to find millennial listeners.  41.2% of General Managers, and radio news directors reported to be utilizing more social media to reach younger listeners.  If you aren’t paying attention to the next generation, you should be!

Many stations, about 29%, are trying to change up their strategy and establish goals for frequency of postings to social media, doing more social media, and engaging more with listeners, among other things that fall under the umbrella of doing ‘more’.  Facebook Live video streaming is the biggest trend, with over 32% of respondents trying to use the feature to drum up younger listeners.

44% of people surveyed are using just Facebook and Twitter, with the more ‘social heavy’ stations are using Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, and Periscope to name a few.

Read the whole article here for some more tips and trends.  Making sure you link to all of your social media on your stream player and apps is a great place to start letting the next generation that you’re out there!

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