People Love Radio!

Like I had to tell you that one.  But some new research by NextRadio and Edison Research has the evidence.

1)  90% of respondents that listen to audio, listen to terrestrial radio in the car, and 91% stay in the car longer to listen to something.

MobileSurferNETWORK’s mobile players and apps give your listeners even more ways to take you with them, ensuring they never miss any content!

2)  50% of the respondents in the study tune in for community news.

LocalizeDid you know the SurferNETWORK player has several customization options to keep your listeners in the know?  From promoting events to keeping your listeners up to date on the news, the controls are all in one place to take your streaming player to the next level.

3)  More than half of the people reported listening to FM radio to hear their favorite song, while over 40% want to discover new music.


SurferNETWORK has you covered there as well!  Our ‘Music Trivia’ player has a treasure trove of information about the music you play from Artist Bios, to upcoming events, music videos and a whole lot more.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions setting things up if you’re a customer!  If you’d like any information about streaming with SurferNETWORK, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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