Over 50% of Women Listening to Radio at Work

According to a study of the listening habits of over 2,000 women 54% of women who listen to music at work are listening to the radio.  14% of those are listening to the station’s stream while 40% are listening to traditional over the air radio… Just another example of radio still being the go to listening source for many people.

SurferNETWORK’s tools and customization options help keep that 14% listening to your stream engaged and tuning in.  In addition to the content they love from you over the air, the stream gives you the opportunity to connect with listeners in an even deeper way.

More results from the study will be released today in a webinar from longtime radio consultant Alan Burns & Associates at 2:30, you can see more details here: https://burnsradio.com/register-what-women-want-2017-webinar

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