NEW Acoustic Fingerprinting Patent Portfolio

SurferNETWORK is pleased to announce that on May 5, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued to our company US Patent No.9,026,546, “DISCOVERY OF MUSIC ARTIST AND TITLE BY A RADIO STATION CONNECTION TO AN ACOUSTIC FINGERPRINTING SERVICE PROVIDER”.  This patent is the first to be issued of a total of seven patent applications.  The portfolio includes applications directed at improvements in the recognition process for music played by radio stations, radio broadcast monitoring, a smartphone companion to an in-car receiver, and the promotion of specialized advertising using acoustic fingerprinting.


  • Enhanced Processing of User Song Recognition Requests with Lower CPU Consumption
  • Vastly Improved System for Auditing and Monitoring of Radio & TV Broadcasts for Royalty Reporting and Advertising
  • Enable Radio Stations to Repair Improperly Formatted Artist & Title for Transmission on RDS/HD Terrestrial Broadcasts
  • Enable Radio Stations to Provide Artist & Title for Transmission on RDS/HD Terrestrial Broadcasts for Syndicated Programming that Does Not Provide Artist & Title
  • Smartphone Using Acoustic Fingerprinting Provides Artist and Title to Car Radio Head Unit for Display When Radio Station Does Not Broadcast Artist &Title
  • Acoustic Fingerprinting Service Uses Audible Icon to Identify Advertising Having Promotional Content Accessible by Fingerprinter’s Mobile App

Read more about this new patent portfolio here or Download the PowerPoint Slide Show FingerprintingOpportunityGeneric.ppsx

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