comScore June 2012 Mobile Market Share

comScore recently published the June 2012 market share report, and there were some interesting numbers, especially for radio broadcasters.

Total smartphone ownership was up 4% from March, with 110 million people now owning smartphones in the United States alone.  This number continues to grow as smartphones become more widely available and less expensive.

Google (Android) and Apple continued to lead the charge, with a combined 84% of smartphones on the two platforms.  Google climbed up a modest .6 percentage points to 51.6% of the market, while Apple jumped 1.7 percent to 32.4%.  Rim, Microsoft and Symbian all fell slightly.  RIM currently holds 10.7% of the market.  Microsoft and Symbian make up the remaining 5%.

Some of the most interesting numbers were in how mobile subscribers are now using their devices.  27.6% of mobile subscribers in the US now report to use their phones to listen to music.  This jumped 2.3% from March, and we expect that number to continue to grow as your listeners get smartphones and realize that your station is available to listen to.

If you haven’t looked into creating custom mobile applications for your station, it is worth noting that over 51% of respondents used a downloaded app on their phone.  While having your stream accessible across all platforms is great, if you aren’t utilizing a custom app, you are losing out not only on mobile advertising revenue, but the branding of your station as well.

comScore – June 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share

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