Hurricane Sandy and SurferNETWORK

Last week the team at SurferNETWORK witnessed firsthand the awesome power of Mother Nature as “Superstorm Sandy” devastated New Jersey and much of the tri-state area.  After being without power at the SurferNETWORK Headquarters for a week, we’ve started to make our way back to some semblance of normalcy today, and reflecting back on the past week has without a doubt reinforced our passion for the radio industry.Many of us lost power at our homes as well, and could only rely on battery operated radios to get storm updates, a true testament to the radio industry (some of us have yet to even get power back!).  SurferNETWORK was founded to give broadcasters a “just like radio” experience on the web.  It is in trying times like these that we are able to take a step back and realize just how important that experience is for your listeners.

Despite being literally powerless, we were able to keep streaming operations up and running at full strength, continuing to deliver that “just like radio” experience as we fought the gas lines to keep our tanks full and our generators running.  We stayed informed of news and other developments from local radio, getting updates on everything from road closures, to power outages, to gas lines and everything in between.  It is this dedication that has, and will continue to drive our desire to help you and your station maximize the potential of the internet.

So from all of us here at SurferNETWORK, to all of the broadcasters out there, we’d just like to say thanks.  We’ll be listening.

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