How Internet Users Spend Their Time

A recent study by the Media Behavior Institute suggests that more and more Internet Consumers in the U.S. are accessing the web through mobile phones and tablets.  As a result desktop usage has seen slight decreases, even as Internet usage as a whole continues to rise.

Mobile phone usage was dominated by e-mail (23.3%) and social networking (14.9%), while social networking accounted for 27% of time spent surfing the web on a desktop.  Entertainment was the second most popular activity at 15% of time spent on the desktop.

This opens up endless opportunities for Radio to capitalize not only on mobile growth (as we can expect that sector to continue to rise), but on connected listeners as a whole.  With so much time spent on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others; now is the time to make a personal connection with your fans and listeners on whatever channel they prefer.

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Read the full eMarketer article here.

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