Got Sales?

Your selling style or “personality” can make or break how not only your clients perceive you; but also the perception of your radio station.

We all know the stereotypical sales person: Herb Tarlek from the 70’s sitcom WKRP in Cincinatti.  Think about the last time someone tried to “sell” you something.  Did your eyes glaze over?  Stomach turn to knots?  Couldn’t wait for the meeting to end so you could run to their nearest competitor yelling eagerly, “Please save me!”

Now transform that thought process into one where the salesperson treated you professionally.  Learning about you and your needs; while at the same time creating a custom tailored solution for you.  The value was clear and concise, making the relationship one of a valuable ally.

The first sales person is in it for themselves, the second consults what solution(s) will be of value for the client.

What’s your sales style?  If you are truly interested in growing your customer base, think about helping your clients build their business.  It will only help your station grow it’s customer base.  Help your customers fully understand how both terrestrial and digital advertising in conjunction can help them.  Be knowledgeable of what their marketing strategy is, and the impact of how advertising through your station can help them.

There are countless ways to create value with digital advertising, especially for a bona fide local media presence like radio. Sharpening your ability to relate to an advertiser’s needs and deliver a custom marketing campaign utilizing all of your public facing channels is the key to success. Are you placing blame on your customers, or taking ownership for your results?

We all know a Herb, and it is easy to adopt his selling style.  The salesperson who takes a little bit more time to listen to the needs of a customer will keep that customer coming back again and again for more.

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