Get To Know Alexa

Amazon sold millions of Alexa devices this past holiday season.   In fact, the Alexa app was the top app in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store during the week of Christmas.

Even with this rise in popularity, many people are still confused about exactly what Alexa is and why it’s important to their business.Alexa Skills from SurferNETWORK and XAPPmedia

Alexa is the voice of Amazon’s smart devices such as the Dot and Echo.  Many other speaker manufacturers are also including Alexa capabilities built right into their products as well.  These devices are internet connected and allow users to speak commands or questions.  Alexa provides answers and services through the use of Skills, which are similar to mobile phone apps.

These devices give users endless options, with skills that help keep track of shopping lists, order dinner, check the weather, or listen to their favorite radio station just to name a few.

This is a great opportunity to push your station into the future, with 60% of smart speaker owners using the device to listen to music, why not give them the opportunity to easily listen to your station as well?  We already know millions of homes have these devices; with that number expected to continue to grow, don’t miss the chance to be there too.

Once you have a skill for your station, your listeners just say “Alexa, open Your Station Here” and your stream starts playing.  How cool is that!?

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