Ecommerce Spending Up 17% From a Year Ago

According to the latest comScore report on ecommerce spending, in the first quarter of 2012, spending at online retail outlets was up 17% from the same time a year ago.  Expect that trend to continue, because since 2010, almost every quarter has seen double digit percentage gains from the year before.  There are many ways to leverage this into more sales for your station.

As this trend continues, it begs the question: are your advertisers getting their cut of that pie? Is your station providing them with an outlet to promote and expand their digital efforts?

Even if your station is bundling audio advertising in with the stream, there are other opportunities to up sell with display advertising.  The visual component of an ad, with a built in call to action has the potential to not only attract business for your clients, but give them measurable results from ad campaigns.

Your listeners are moving more and more of their habits to the web, and your advertisers should be as well.  Is your station ready to help them accomplish their goals?  A smart strategy and execution of exciting and engaging ad campaigns are the key to success.

Some other interesting highlights from the report:

  • Digital Content & Subscriptions, Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Watches and Event Tickets were the top-performing categories, each up at least 17%.
  • Tablet owners are heavy online shoppers, with 38% making a purchase within the past month.  Apparel was the most popular category for purchase among tablet shoppers.


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