Did You Know?

Portable streaming devices are now on 50% of all mobile phones in the United States.  Your listeners are accessing audio content in a whole new way, has your station explored the potential of a mobile streaming solution?

Advertisers are always looking for the best way to spend their advertising dollar.  New advertising capabilities are a great way to not only promote your advertisers, but also show them quantifiable results.

In addition to providing a banner that clicks through to a sponsor webpage, there are several other capabilities available in a mobile advertising campaign: Click to: Call, Calendar, Email, Map, App Download, YouTube, Video, Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter.  Providing a feature rich advertising solution for your customers isn’t the only option, your station can utilize these features to promote station activities and other promotions as well.

SurferNETWORK realized the need for radio stations to capitalize on mobile platforms, and we’ve joined forces with Verve Wireless to give our stations the ability to provide new and exciting cross platform content solutions for advertisers.

If you haven’t gone mobile yet, now’s the time to start!   Contact us for more information.

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