CRB Preparing for Rate Proceedings

The Copyright Royalty Board, in preparing to set the new webcasting rates for 2016, recently asked the Copyright Office whether different rates can be used for different music suppliers.  Billboard breaks this down to mean that “…the Board is looking into whether it can set a higher rate for music licensed from the major labels over music licensed from the independents.” 

This raises many questions from many different interested parties in terms of how the royalties will be set for those different ‘music suppliers’ and it remains to be seen exactly what the interest in this subject means for a decision from a new royalty board.

In other CRB news, public radio broadcasters have agreed to pay 2.8 million annually (up from 2.4 million) through 2019.  This agreement will cover NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International, Public Radio Exchange and up to 530 originating public radio stations named by Corporation for Public Broadcasting also according to Billboard.

Stay tuned for more copyright news as it becomes available.


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