Clarkson Students and Sports Fans Benefit from Internet Broadcasting Collaboration with SurferNETWORK

FLANDERS, N.J. — Students seeking cutting-edge professional experience in the information technology field, as well as Clarkson sports fans and other Internet video users, will benefit from a collaboration signed recently between Clarkson University and SurferNETWORK.

SurferNETWORK, one of the leading providers of Internet broadcasting services, and Clarkson will work together on research, technology transfer, education and training projects that will benefit both organizations.“Students from the communication, digital arts & sciences, computer science and business programs will all benefit through opportunities for more professional-level experiences,” says School of Arts & Sciences Associate Dean and Eastman Kodak Center for Excellence in Communication Director Jerry Gravander. “They will compete for four internships this spring and also work on campus with SurferNETWORK to bring more Clarkson projects to the outside world.”

Alumni and other sports fans are already benefiting from the Internet video broadcast service that SurferNETWORK is providing to the University through the agreement. More than 200 men’s hockey fans a night enjoy live video streaming of Clarkson’s home games. Broadcast of the games will continue throughout the season with expansion to other selected sports in the spring semester. The University also plans to broadcast a variety of classes and seminars, with video of weekly Chemistry Department seminars available to students this fall.

“It has been great working with the participating faculty and students at Clarkson,” says SurferNETWORK President Bill Grywalski. “Clarkson has exceeded our expectations both in their enthusiasm and technical capabilities.”

SurferNETWORK grew interested in working with Clarkson after hiring Vickii Bacchetta, who graduated in 2005 from the University with a double major in information systems & business processes and technical communications.

“I’m very excited to be continuing my relationship with Clarkson through the alliance,” says Bacchetta. “It offers great opportunities to both sides: Clarkson can now better reach out to a world-wide Internet broadcast audience and SurferNETWORK has the support of one of the foremost technological schools in the country.”

Other Clarkson student projects already underway with SurferNETWORK include creating multimedia ads, software to manage Web-based services and files, and a subscription service to view streamed broadcasts via the Internet. Possible spring projects include enhancing the experience of streaming classroom lectures with interactive slides and chat, developing technology that will offer unique features for sports broadcasting, as well as creating online Web tutorials.

“SurferNETWORK has always been a technology leader in the streaming media industry,” says Grywalski. “Our alliance with Clarkson, a prestigious technological university, will help us to keep that edge.”

About SurferNETWORK

Since 1998 SurferNETWORK has been one of the leading providers of complete Internet broadcasting services. SurferNETWORK has always been recognized as a technology leader in providing every specialized feature a broadcaster might need. Serving radio stations, the faith-based community, sports teams, universities, and more, SurferNETWORK offers a high quality audio or video stream that connects instantly using patented Lightning Stream(TM) technology.

About Clarkson University

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York, is a private, nationally ranked university with a reputation for developing innovative leaders in engineering, business, the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. At Clarkson, 3,000 high-ability students excel in an environment where learning is not only positive, friendly and supportive but spans the boundaries of traditional disciplines and knowledge. Faculty achieves international recognition for their research and scholarship and connects students to their leadership potential in the marketplace through dynamic, real-world problem solving. Clarkson is on the Web at For more information, contact Michael P. Griffin, director of News & Digital Content Services, at 315-268-6716 or

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