SurferNETWORK and XAPPmedia Provide a Competitive Edge for Radio

SurferNETWORK LLC, an Internet Broadcasting and streaming pioneer, announced a partnership today with another pioneer in the digital audio space, XAPPmedia.  This partnership will allow SurferNETWORK clients the ability to easily activate voice utilization features and create custom skills to engage audiences on interactive voice platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.Alexa Skills from SurferNETWORK and XAPPmedia

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Name our New Player and Win a Kindle Fire!

SurferNETWORK is very excited and proud to launch our Glossy Player, and we want a name that represents our enthusiasm so we are asking for your help! .

The contest is simple, come up with a better name than “Glossy Player”. As an incentive to the Name the Player contest, we are giving the winner a brand new Kindle Fire!

So take a look at the contest rules or click on the link below and turn on your creativity!  If you haven’t been switched over to the Glossy Player, let me know so we can go over some options for integrating station content. Click here to see an example of a fully dressed out Glossy Player from one of our client stations.

If you have any questions about setting the player up, give us a call at (973) 691-7420.

Contact us for details, or enter for your chance to win a Kindle Fire today right HERE!

SurferNETWORK Granted Its Second Key Patent in Streaming Media Technology

Patented system allows for individually targeted advertising to replace generic advertising in live streamed content – substantial increase in value of Internet ads are anticipated.

FLANDERS, N.J.– (BUSINESS WIRE)—SurferNETWORK announces the receipt of a second key patent in support of its streaming media technology. SurferNETWORK now holds two fundamental streaming media patents. Continue reading