Digital Licensing Simplified pt.2

When terrestrial radio stations stream their content on the Internet, there are additional licensing fees to be paid to the copyright holders.  The RMLC (see last post)  negotiated licensing agreements with both ASCAP and BMI on the behalf of their members in 2005 that bundled licensing fees for streaming in with the licensing fees paid for the terrestrial broadcast, as long as it is an exact simulcast of the terrestrial broadcast.  This agreement expired in 2009, but stations were allowed to continue under the existing agreement while negotiations were ongoing.

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SurferNETWORK Granted Its Second Key Patent in Streaming Media Technology

Patented system allows for individually targeted advertising to replace generic advertising in live streamed content – substantial increase in value of Internet ads are anticipated.

FLANDERS, N.J.– (BUSINESS WIRE)—SurferNETWORK announces the receipt of a second key patent in support of its streaming media technology. SurferNETWORK now holds two fundamental streaming media patents. Continue reading

SurferNETWORK’s Video Streaming Technology Boosts Students Into Real-World Situations

FLANDERS, N.J.  SurferNETWORK and Clarkson University have established a gratifying corporate/collegiate relationship. Through this win-win internship program, Clarkson University students are creating software and media ads for SurferNETWORK and, in return, are able to use SurferNETWORK’s streaming technology to stream college events to their constituents. Continue reading

SurferNETWORK Advances Cutting Edge Streaming Service

FLANDERS, N.J. — On-Line broadcasters seeking cutting-edge audience experience will benefit from SurferNETWORK’s Silverlight(TM) Platform

SurferNETWORK, a leading provider of streaming services, announced today the launch of its custom Silverlight solution. Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of rich interactive applications for the Web. “Silverlight has features that our customers and their audience will love,” said Bill Grywalski, President of SurferNETWORK. “Broadcasters will really appreciate that using Silverlight allows the media to pop like it is 3D.” Continue reading

Clarkson Students and Sports Fans Benefit from Internet Broadcasting Collaboration with SurferNETWORK

FLANDERS, N.J. — Students seeking cutting-edge professional experience in the information technology field, as well as Clarkson sports fans and other Internet video users, will benefit from a collaboration signed recently between Clarkson University and SurferNETWORK.

SurferNETWORK, one of the leading providers of Internet broadcasting services, and Clarkson will work together on research, technology transfer, education and training projects that will benefit both organizations. Continue reading

SurferNETWORK Awarded Patent for Streaming Media Buffering System

Fundamental Streaming Technology Enables “Instant-On” for Live Broadcasts

FLANDERS, N.J. — SurferNETWORK, a leader in Internet broadcast services in the United States and Canada, has been issued a U.S. Patent for its “Streaming Media Buffering System,” which it has trademarked as Lightning Stream™. The patented media buffering technology enables Instant-On capability for live broadcasts, and is the core technology underlying SurferNETWORK’s “JUST LIKE RADIO” experience for Internet broadcasts. Continue reading