Arbitron’s 2013 Infinite Dial Report

Arbitron recently released their 2013 Infinite Dial Report, focusing on media consumption on and offline.  It’s a treasure chest of information in terms of how/when/where your listeners are, and how they consume and interact with content.

AM/FM Radio Still the Top Listening Platform – But a Cross Platform Strategy is Necessary

Overall, the report finds that radio still rules the road.  You have the most loyal following, and they stay glued to your content.  Even with the boom of Internet Radio options, 82% of respondents that listen to internet radio (including Pandora) find their way back to the AM/FM dial.  With 53% of Americans 12+ now owning a smartphone, you have the ability to engage your audience and request feedback all on the same device!  Are you leveraging this for success at your radio station?

Content is King

The biggest takeaway I see for Radio Stations:  Content is King.  Radio stations that understand the value of digital know they need to continually find the best ways to get their best content out to the masses.  Arbitron found that only 12% of respondents listen to podcasts.  Not a very large number, but of those 12%, they listen to an average of 6 podcasts a week.

Radio has a great opportunity to leverage content fans love as “time-shifted radio” allowing them to listen when it is convenient for them.  Just look at the success of DVR for the television industry as proof… How many of us have hours of TV waiting for us to watch whenever we can get to it?

Turning Loyal Listeners into Digital Revenue

I’m sure you see a lot of the same headlines that I do about digital advertising revenues being on the rise.  Whether it’s display advertising, or mobile advertising; you have an opportunity to grow.

Don’t forget about what got you here, and what makes you so much more special to your loyal listeners and potential listeners, who will ultimately find their way back to you, one way or the other.  Are you ready to turn them into results for your advertising clients?

Interesting Statistics

  • 24% of people have 3 or more working computers in the home
  • 67% of people have a wifi setup in their home
  • 45% of people have listened to Internet Radio in the past month and 33% in the last week, up from 39% last year and 29% respectively.
  • 82% of Internet Radio Listeners also tuned into AM/FM in the past week
  • 12% of people had listened to a podcast in the past month, but of those 12% average consumption is 6 podcasts a week, with 15% of people listening to between 6 and 10.
  • 53% of people 12+ now own a smartphone. (75% of the 18-24 demo)
  • Of the 44% of people that listen to online radio on their smartphones, 18% listen daily.
  • Tablet ownership is up to 3 in 10 people. (70% year over year growth)
Read the full report right here.  I’d love to read your feedback in the comments.
The Radio and Internet Newsletter had some additional coverage from the RAIN Summit West about marketing your station and some other findings here.

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