A Look Into Podcasting

Yesterday, Jacob’s Media released statistics from their TechSurvey 13 in a webinar focused on podcasting, specifically looking into the quickly growing segment as it relates to radio.

The study, which found that radio has the most reach of any medium, saw an increase in the amount of people that listen to podcasts year over year.  Over 20% of people surveyed claim to listen to podcasts at least weekly, including 33% of millennials!

Another one of the interesting takeaways was the percentage of people that visit Sports radio station websites to access a podcast.  When asked if they visit a radio station website and why, 16% of visitors went to a sports radio station website for a podcast vs. only 6% across the radio industry as a whole.  Sports radio fans seem to have embraced podcasting more quickly than their counterparts.

The top three categories of podcast that the survey’s respondents enjoy are music, comedy, and replays of radio shows.  There is definitely an opportunity for radio to keep listeners tuned into them regardless of when and where they are, and even if there is no radio around at all.  How is your station doing?

Listen to the full webinar for more stats here: http://jacobsmedia.com/webinar-podcasting-radio-learned-techsurvey13/


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