2017 Infinite Dial Report

Last week Will and I sat in on The 2017 Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research and Triton Digital.  I was pretty surprised by some of the numbers – a lot has changed over the 11 years I’ve been at SurferNETWORK.  As both bandwidth and mobile work toward becoming a commodity; smartphone ownership is up to 81% of the US population, and the consumption of streaming has been along for the ride.

When I started here, most of my family and friends didn’t even know what streaming was.  Today, 61% of people have listened to online radio in the past month and 53% of people have listened in the past week!  That’s amazing!  Average Time Spent Listening has more than doubled.  Currently at 14 hours and 39 minutes per week, this is higher than ever before.

It was also interesting to learn how 12-24 year-olds find out about new music – mostly from YouTube with their friends and family being a close second.  Spotify, AM/FM Radio, and Pandora round out the top five.  Radio Program Directors can really benefit from watching popularity charts for YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora to see the type of music being discovered and shared there.

The bottom line is more and more people are going to online sources for music and entertainment.  If you’re not paying attention to your presence there, you’re giving your piece of the pie away to someone who is.

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