2016 SoundExchange Changes and Paperwork

It’s that time of year again!  2016 is upon us which means it is time to fill out your annual SoundExchange paperwork.  First and foremost, the great news is that rates have decreased from last year by over 30%!  This should help ease the burden of fees for many broadcasters.  The other important change of note is the elimination out of the Small Broadcaster designation.

Most broadcasters will not have many changes in terms of how and what they must report.  This means that most stations will have to file a monthly Report of Use, even if your station was a Small Broadcaster in the past.  The one exception is for stations who do not exceed the $500 Minimum Fee over the course of a calendar year.  The good news here is that with the price decrease, there is a better chance for fringe customers to be under the limit this year.  Those broadcasters will have to file a Quarterly Report that includes 2 separate 7 consecutive day periods of logs of all songs played and how many spins the songs had in those periods.  The total ATH for the period also must be included, which you can find in Audience Reporting by selecting each necessary period.

The other changes in terms of getting rid of the ‘Broadcaster’ designation and CRB and WSA rates and just having one Commercial Broadcaster designation were more cosmetic than substantial.  The end result is that it is less confusing to know which category a station falls into as most of the rates were the same anyway.

Minimum fee forms for commercial broadcasters can be found here: http://www.soundexchange.com/service-provider/commercial-webcaster/commercial-webcaster-crb/

The forms for Non-Commercial broadcasters are here: http://www.soundexchange.com/service-provider/non-commercial-webcaster/

Monthly Statement of Account forms will be available on the above pages sometime in February so that you can run your January 2016 reports.  Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about the changes.

CRB Preparing for Rate Proceedings

The Copyright Royalty Board, in preparing to set the new webcasting rates for 2016, recently asked the Copyright Office whether different rates can be used for different music suppliers.  Billboard breaks this down to mean that “…the Board is looking into whether it can set a higher rate for music licensed from the major labels over music licensed from the independents.”  Continue reading

NEW Acoustic Fingerprinting Patent Portfolio

SurferNETWORK is pleased to announce that on May 5, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued to our company US Patent No.9,026,546, “DISCOVERY OF MUSIC ARTIST AND TITLE BY A RADIO STATION CONNECTION TO AN ACOUSTIC FINGERPRINTING SERVICE PROVIDER”.  This patent is the first to be issued of a total of seven patent applications.  The portfolio includes applications directed at improvements in the recognition process for music played by radio stations, radio broadcast monitoring, a smartphone companion to an in-car receiver, and the promotion of specialized advertising using acoustic fingerprinting. Continue reading

Podcast Usage on the Rise According to Edison Research

Edison Research recently released additional information from their 2014 ‘Share of Ear’ study with a specific focus on podcast listeners.

According to this study, podcast usage was up 18% overall from the spring to fall releases of study results.  The study focused on those podcast listeners, and broke down the time spent listening to different audio sources, and the results for radio were optimistic, with podcast listeners spending 21% of their listening time on the radio and 30% listening to podcasts. Continue reading

Halloween Photo Contest

Happy October!! We hope you have your costumes all picked out and ready to go for the big day. In honor of one of our favorite holidays, we’ve decided to run a contest for all of our customers, and find out who had the best Halloween Costumes this year! Just snap a picture of your costume (or your pet’s costume!) and email it to us for a chance to win a prize from SurferNETWORK, so make sure you have your cameras ready at the Halloween party this year! Continue reading

What’s New At SurferNETWORK??

We’ve been hard at work to improve the streaming experience for stations and listeners alike.  Over the past few weeks we’ve rolled out several new features and enhancements to our service, and wanted to highlight a few of them for you today.  Some of these enhancements will keep you organized on the back-end, while others will make it easier for listeners to get your stream regardless of device!  Read on to find out more. Continue reading

Internet Streaming Up and Album Sales Down – What Does It Mean For You?

Nielsen recently released data for music sales as well as streaming, and they showed that overall music consumption was up, despite sales being down in 2013 compared to 2012.  That means that streaming music is on the rise.  It’s up 32% to be exact, and we expect that number to be even higher in 2014 with more people move their listening habits online, and even more competition in the On-Demand music streaming arena (which was up a whopping 103% last year). Continue reading